Ian approached us regarding a website where he could showcase all of his photography photos and explain himself as a freelancer and what he could do for companies, weddings or family’s.

Ian explained to us he’d like a website which displayed photo’s in the most elegant and professional way possible. He also mentioned he’d like a private gallery for clients to pick and choose which photos they like out of the one’s he’s taken for them.

And we did just that, Ian loved the process in working with our team and wrote a blog on his website about us which we was very appreciative that he took the time out to write it, check out the blog here! >  http://www.20twentyphotography.co.uk/ova-creative/

Overall Ian was happy with the outcome of the photography website and would recommend anyone to our team at Ova Creative.

Ollie and Mickey were more than helpful when I made an enquiry about my website. Ollie had been dedicated and a perfectionist in putting my site together and hosting it. He is still happy to tweak my site and other social media outlets at short notice. Highly recommended for a full on friendly but professional service.

Keep up the good work lads!!
Ian Dacre

Ian Dacre

Photographer, 20TwentyPhotography

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Photo’s on the website a copy proof and stand out, providing a full width review for people to checkout the in depth photo with it’s crisp quality which a photographer need’s for new business.

After the photos are taken. Ian can upload all of the photos to the website in which his client can tick or untick the one’s he likes / doesn’t like in a private photo gallery area shared between him and the client.

Ian is able to customise all aspects of his website from changing the colour scheme to updating his blog page. Ian was provided with training on this and time to work out how to operate the backend before the website’s official launch.