Eating Fit

Eating Fit approached our team as they was opening a meal plan website and needed a fully functional user-friendly e-Commerce website which can guide visitors and gain information of which type of meals, how many days, how many weeks they want along the way aswell as providing upsells like supplements to customers at the end of their sale.

Eating Fit also have their very own backend portal so they can track order and gather the information needed from their meal plans to provide their customers with the best possible service!

Everything I have asked from Ollie he has done no problem at all. Always make sure the job is done.

Jamie Hargreave

Founder / Owner, Eating Fit

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We aimed to produce a working Meal Plan form to make it user-friendly for customers to order their meals and provide enough information for the EatingFit team to process and understand the order.

EatingFit’s shop area provides a simple way of ordering any supplements that you require. Take a look!

EatingFit’s backend portal allows the team to view their orders and fulfill or refund orders with ease and simplicity.
They also have an overview of all of their customers and any abandoned checkouts!