Generation Fitness

Generation Fitness approached us for a website which a school can sign up and buy dance tracks for their primary school.

We provided a a website which a school can sign up, pay online monthly or yearly and download their month’s worth of tracks quick and easy. The school has their own backend portal where their tracks are always downloadable on any device. They also have access to a shop area where they can buy tracks individually.

The Generation Fitness team can upload monthly tracks for schools who are signed up to review.

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Schools have access to a private and secure area which schools can download private content & files not available to the outside.

e-Commerce shop is available on the website. The shop is sectioned into 2 parts, The first part is available to everyone and the 2nd part is exclusive shop area only available to members (schools).

Generation Fitness are provided a backend where they can manage all their payments and e-products to keep on track of their business.