IFitness Training

IFitness needed a way of their clients booking their classes all in one place. We provided them with just that! IFitness can now review how many clients are booked into their classes and are able to set a limit to the amount of people who can book onto their class.

IFitness also needed a way of setting up direct debits to be taken out of the clients accounts, when signing the client up the team can now use the app to sign them up to a 12 month / 6 months contract and purchase their spaces in their classes with ease.

The app also provides a place where clients can fill in legal forms to cover IFitness from any problems or situations that may occur.

Ova Creative have done both work from scratch for me and reworked existing artwork to give a new fresh edge. Highly recommend to give an existing company a modern revamp or to create your vision from scratch.

Jamie Ashworth

Founder / Owner , IFitness Training

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Clients can book their classes on the app with ease, classes can be limited to a certain amount of people to be able to book into that session and spaces can be re-available if someone cancels

IFitness can Stay in touch with his clients instantly through their own private online messenger.

Push notifications can be sent to specific groups of clients, so the message is more relatable to a specific group of clients for example advertisement of (Yummy Mummy’s Bootcamp) can be sent to all of their clients who are Mum’s or Female.

Instead of having all of your Par-Q forms as a huge stack of paper, you can have your clients fill the Par-Q form out on the PT App!

Apptiv provides you with your own log-in area to view your App analytics to see how your App is progressing!