Andrea came to us regarding a website in which she could express her opinion and reach out to a bigger audience regarding mental health. We was able to provide her a fully functional website which displayed her blogs, videos and edit her content within her website.

Andrea has full access to her website. She is able to add as much content as she because of our very user-freindly backend. Her website is very versatile and Andrea is very pleased with the outcome of the website!

Absolutely love the design to my site so professional, it was made a really exciting and easy process for me and I couldn’t recommend them more! Thank you!

Andrea Wade

Founder / Director, It's Okay To Talk - Mental Health

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It’s Okay To Talk’s website is fully operational from the authors end. Andrea (founder) is easily able to update and add new blogs / vlogs or update the colour scheme, change the logo and much more so she has full control in how she want’s her website displayed to her viewers. Andrea was provided with 1-2 Hours of training on the backend of the website and now has 100% confidence in her ability to operate the website.

Andrea came to us with a standard website without a logo or a colour scheme, we was able to talk to her and bring her ideas to life.
Her website now has a fresh new logo with a modern fun feel to it. The end product was more then she could of asked for!

Andrea can blog / vlog about her daily life and display it on her website with ease. The blog tells the viewer who posted the blog, the date it was posted, the category the post relates too, an image of the post and the blog itself.

All of this made the blogs look very representable for the viewer so they could operate the website with ease.