John Thompson Personal Training

John came to us because he needed a way of taking less stress out of his personal training business, John wanted to scrap the pen and paper in writing his booking in and wanting a quick and easy way of communicating with his clients and giving them the option to book in available slots in John’s day.

We provided John with his very own branded app! Now clients are able to pay their sessions on the app without John having to ask awkwardly for payment after his session to make sure his finances were flowing without him having to worry about it.

Clients can book their sessions and confirm time slots, fill out Par-Q Forms, Terms & Conditions & more!

John is also able to send push notifications to customers so he can communicate with his clients all in one message! this is useful for John as he could have a space available that he wants filling, or he could be on holiday and he needs to tell all of his clients he’s off.

Can’t recommend this company enough. My personal training app is amazing.
I’ve had so much support and help with getting it built. The attention to detail thats gone into the app is brilliant.
All my clients are going to love it.

John Thompson

Personal Trainer, John Thompson Personal Training

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Clients can book on the app easily and request a time slot for them to purchase. John can view his calendar on the app to see who’s booked in and who’s paid. The booking system also emails John every morning for his upcoming sessions for the day so he is 100% on track of everything and doesn’t miss a session.

John can Stay in touch with his clients instantly through his own private online messenger.

Remind all or select few of your clients of upcoming PT sessions or classes, which can be setup to be recurring or non recurring reminders.

Instead of having all of your Par-Q forms as a huge stack of paper, you can have your clients fill the Par-Q form out on the PT App!

Apptiv provides you with your own log-in area to view your App analytics to see how your App is progressing!