Mr Casey’s Burger Bar

Mr Casey’s Burger Bar needed a new way of reaching out to it’s customers and the industry knew adsactly what it needed. An automated app which allows customers to order their favorite delicious food online.

The Bar can review all orders from the app from a printer which automatically prints out all orders real time so they have no problem with any delays in the orders.

Our apps for food takeaways take 0% commision unlike justeat.

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Quick and simple online ordering system for customers to purchase their favourite food from the app!

Mr Casey’s App will have a printer which displays the order to the chef’s in a simple and easy way.

Payments can be taken on the app or the customer can collect.

Any orders placed outside of opening times on the app won’t be able to process through and will be very clear to the customer. Holiday’s closing times will deactivate orders also so customers won’t be able to order.