Pride Aesthetics

Pride Aesthetics is a local clothing company in Lytham, St Anne’s coming to us to provide them with a fully functional E-Commerce website. The clothing company sells fitness and sports clothing with an athletic fit to every clothing.

The website needed to be very easily operational for their customers to make orders with a few simple clicks and to pay securely through a safe and secure server.

We provided them with just that. Pride Aesthetics is able to operate their website from the backend and manage orders daily. They are notified when a product has been purchased and is more than happy with the result, look and feel of the website as a whole.

More than happy to recommend Ova Creative to anyone looking to build a fully functional e-Commerce friendly website. Get in touch today!


Co-Founder, Pride Aesthetics

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Fully operational to a customer to place quick and easy orders to the basket without any pop ups or capture forms popping up.

This website has a secure payment area where customers can pay using their credit card or by paypal. They are able to remove any product or add more quantities in their basket.

Pride Aesthetics needed an ambassador area in which they could give their ambassdors discount codes and money returned for anyone using their specific code. The ambassador area has a private portal for the ambassador to check their perfomance and how they are doing which is then sent to them automatically via email providing them with their results on their performance to prompt them to step up their game or keep going!

In regards to Pride Aesthetics accepting the ambassadors, we intergrated a semi-automatic ambassador acceptance form where the applicant can provide them with image, links to their social media and tell themselves abit about them and why they should become an ambassador.

Pride Aesthetics strong unique backend provided the team to save hours of time processing payment and displatching orders sending non-automated emails to the customer with their old website.

Now Pride Aesthetics can export a list of their customers and any information they need for email lists, they can send out automated (order has been despatched) emails and print invoices for the customer and the team to provide in their parcels.

The backend was everything they needed to operate and be on top of the clothing industry making it simple for them to operate their company.