Sea Palace Southport

We gave Sea Palace a fully functional app which the app could be changed from their end through training. Sea Palace came to us regarding a takeaway app which can be displayed on the app store.

The app enables customers to place orders directly through the app and pay there and then or collect and pay.
An on-site printer is in the restaurant and communicates with the app to display real-time orders directly to the team at Sea Palace Southport.

Jason has full editing abilities to change his menu prices or add new dishes as he pleases.

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Quick and simple online ordering system for customers to purchase their favourite food from the app!

Sea Palace will have a printer which displays the order to the chef’s in a simple and easy way.

Payments can be taken on the app or the customer can collect.

Any orders placed outside of opening times on the app won’t be able to process through and will be very clear to the customer. Holiday’s closing times will deactivate orders also so customers won’t be able to order.