The Health Bar – App

Jamie from The Health Bar needed a way of delivering his healthy meals around the local Lytham, St Anne’s area. Our apps can do just that. The app communicates with the customers order placed through the app and through a printer in The Health Bar store. The team can then review the order and start cooking the meal ready for the customer to collect or the delivery driver to deliver.

The Health Bar strives on it’s on demand fresh healthy meals, the apps way of delivering the meals on demand to the customer provides a faster and more convenient way to their customers.

Everything I have asked from Ollie he has done no problem at all. Always make sure the job is done.

Jamie Hargreave

Owner / Founder, The Health Bar

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Quick and simple online ordering system for customers to purchase their favourite food from the app!

Sea Palace will have a printer which displays the order to the chef’s in a simple and easy way.

Payments can be taken on the app or the customer can collect.

Any orders placed outside of opening times on the app won’t be able to process through and will be very clear to the customer. Holiday’s closing times will deactivate orders also so customers won’t be able to order.

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