The Health Bar – Website

The Health Bar came to our team to provide them with a fully operational e-Commerce websites where their customers can purchase meal plans to be delivered to their door.

The consumer picks which meals they would like and how many weeks they would like the meals, they would then go onto which meals they would like and they use a payment system online to pay.

The Health Bar have their very own backend system to manage these orders from their bar and deliver orders on demand.

Everything I have asked from Ollie he has done no problem at all. Always make sure the job is done.

Jamie Hargreave

Founder / Owner, The Health Bar

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The online payment system ensures a secure payment and easy process for a customer to order.

The order process requires form rules & logic from our team to be able to determine adsactly what the customer is looking to buy and guide them to the right place.

The website has a fully functional backend operating system where The Health Bar team can check their orders daily!