Tiss Ltd

Tiss came to us regarding an app design to work hand in hand with a developer. We managed to completely revamp all pages of the app into a very user friendly app in which it can support their marketing team to work out how much fuel they can be saving per year. The design style was simple but slick.

We aimed to minimise any unneeded form blocks or dead space so the user could operate the app to it’s full potential. Developer Luke Ramsden and Marketing Manager Tom Davis was able to produce the apps functionality working closely with our team in their offices to produce the final product Tiss ltd App.

Great service, a very professional, creative team and a pleasure to deal with

Tom Davis

Marketing Manager, Tiss Ltd

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We aimed to produce design which isn’t over complicated. The complexity in the functions of this app were simplified to make the app user friendly to both the sales men and to the client.

We made sure the Tiss Ltd colours were displayed throughout the app with their slick images added in. With the branding coloured to the company, the app could of been very confusing to operate and buttons could of not looked like buttons.

All of this apps pages were transformed into their own unique operational pages, but keeping the same design style on buttons and functions of the app in which a user can identify easily.